CBD Oil Drops 10ml 5% (500mg)


Our CBD Oil Drops come in 10ml glass bottles with pipettes. The product contains 5% (500 mg) of cannabidiol (CBD). It is made from cannabidiol (CBD) from supercritical CO2 extraction of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) diluted in olive oil (Cannabis sativa L.).



CBD can be taken in many ways, from capsules to topicals, but one of the most effective ways to take CBD is sublingually. CBD Tinctures are one of the most popular ways to administer CBD – But how do you use them?

How do you use a tincture?

All tinctures will give you a different recommended dosage, dependent on the strength of the oil. Although there haven’t been any reported serious side effects to taking CBD, it is recommended that you start low and go slow, to figure out the right dose for your needs.

When you have figured out how many drops you want to take, the administration is a lot more straightforward:

Simply fill up the dropper – this is built into the lid of tinctures to make your life easier – and drop the desired amount under your tongue.

From here, it is just a waiting game. We recommend that you resist swallowing the oil and hold it for at least 60 seconds. This will give the CBD time to absorb efficiently into the cells under your tongue.

It’s as simple as that.


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